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Tips To Becoming an Electrician

Are you planning to be an electrician? If yes, then you need to take a quick look on what being an electrician is all about. Knowing the facts will let you make an informed decision whether being an electrician is a good choice or not.

Duties of an electrician

The main duties of an electrician are to install, maintain, and repair electric system in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. In some instances, an electrician is hired to install communication and control system.

Installing electrical wiring during construction phase of a building is much easier compared to maintaining power line in an already constructed building. Sometimes, electricians will have to read and interpret blueprints, inspect electrical components, identify electrical hazards, conform to the local and state electric regulations, train other electrician, fix electric wirings, and many others.

Work environment of an electrician

Majority of electricians today are working for a company. Only about 10 percent of electricians in the United States are working independently. Electricians can either work outdoor or indoor. The work environment of electricians can vary dramatically from time to time, depending upon whom the electrician is working for. Electricians may work in homes, factories, business offices, construction sites, streets, power plants, and others.

It is undeniable that the work environment of an electrician can be hazardous. There are different injuries or illnesses that an electrician might develop. However, the most common injuries might come from electrical shock, burn, and fall. Thus, it is very important that electricians should wear personal protective equipment, which includes goggles, gloves, hardhats, high visibility attire, rubber boots, and others.

Important qualities of an electrician

Being an electrician can be physically and mentally demanding. This is the main reason that people planning to be an electrician should possess the essential quality of an effective electrician.

The first thing that an electrician should have is a fit physical body. Most electricians need to work overtime during scheduled maintenance. The work of an electrician involves moving the whole body and this means that you need a great amount of energy to accomplish work. When working outdoors, electricians are exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Electrician should have good eyesight. Meaning they can easily identify colors.

Critical thinking is another important quality. When working with electricity, an electrician needs to observe, test, and diagnose the problem. He should be able to identify the best course of action as well. Critical thinking can help not only to be efficient at work, but also to ensure safe work environment.

Job outlook of electricians

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of electricians will grow by 20 percent by year 2022. This is faster than the average growth of other occupations. Since electricity is an indispensable element of the economy, electricians will find themselves in a secured job. In addition to the advancing technology, electricians are needed to maintain old electrical systems.

If the economy recovers and more buildings are constructed, the demand for electricians will grow even more. Employed electricians can enjoy higher salary as well as they earn more experience, training, and expertise.