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The National Electrical Contractors Association

The NECA, or National Electrical Contractors Association, represents electrical contractors in many different ways. This industry organization acts as the voice for small and large businesses that bring power, light, and communications to cities and buildings around the nation.

The National Electrical Contractors Association fosters innovation and safety in the industry.

Member contractors specialize in all types of electrical work that includes design and installation of electrical systems including low voltage and high voltage transmissions.

The National Electrical Contractors Association works to ensure its members create and maintain systems that are effective, safe, and environmentally friendly.

National Electrical Contractors Association accomplishes this mission through research, education, workforce recruiting, and labor relations. National Electrical Contractors Association works closely with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to make sure its members are treated fairly and compensated justly. This organization also hosts the industry’s biggest trade show and publishes a magazine for electrical contractors.

The National Electrical Contractors Association is not only a valuable resource for electrical contractors but for the consumer as well. Being a member means the contractor meets industry standards for various niches in the trade such as power supply, fiber optics, security systems, telecommunications, lighting, and wireless networks. Consumers can rest assured National Electrical Contractors Association members are kept abreast of the latest technologies in innovation and safety.

With an eye on the future, National Electrical Contractors Association established ELECTRI International. This organization sponsors research into improving productivity, bench marking safety programs, and using project labor agreements. NECA also publishes reference works on various aspects of the electrical contracting business such as codes and standards, labor relations, safety, regulations, technical issues, and business marketing.

Joining National Electrical Contractors Association could be a wise choice in helping develop an electrical contracting business. Not only do they offer support to be successful commercially, they also provide the opportunity to network with other business owners, and make available educational opportunities, events, and trade shows.

It is necessary to join through a local chapter even though the organization is national. One must contact a local official for an application and receive approval through them also. National Electrical Contractors Association is only open to a person or business that works as an electrical contractor engaged in the business of erecting, repairing, installing, maintaining, or servicing wiring, electrical devices, or equipment.

Each local chapter of National Electrical Contractors Association has the authority to establish its own membership rules. Some may require members to hire union electricians. Other chapters may allow non-union firms to join. Dues also vary from chapter to chapter. They are based upon the member’s gross electrical payroll but are usually in the one to two percent range.

The money obtained through membership dues goes to fund the important work of NECA and allows members to take advantage of services such as peer networking, business support, advocacy, and education. NECA also gives members a voice on Capitol Hill where they lobby for causes important to the industry.