Electrician Career Types

Telecommunications Installer and Technician Jobs

The field of telecommunications installer/technician has several sub-specialties within the title.  Installers and technicians work on everything from regular phone lines outdoors to interior networking lines installed both commercially and residentially.  So, among this field, a telecommunications expert has many areas to choose from whether it is with a telephone company, a cable or other TV provider, the installation of networking within a structure, etc…

Telecommunications installer/technician has a broad range of jobs that include working indoors or outdoors.  Some of the jobs require both.  For example, telephone and cable TV companies have positions that are similar to outdoor lineman that work with the power company; these telecommunications installers work specifically with outdoor lines strung on shared power poles.  They are responsible for stringing and maintaining the lines that bring the service to a structure (whether those are overhead or underground lines).

Indoor and Outdoor Electricians

Other telecommunications installers may work both indoors and outdoors.  They often run a cable from the junction box where the telecommunications outside lineman installed it around to a point of a structure where it is needed inside.  They then go inside the building and run the necessary wires and install the correct equipment to provide the service within the building.

Telecommunications Installers/Technicians that work with local area networks (LAN) primarily work indoors.  However, they are becoming more and more needed in all stages of construction as the general desire for professionally installed LAN in buildings and dwellings grow.  During the framing phase, a network installer goes out to rough-in the wiring and completes the job with the necessary jacks and other devices after the building is complete.

Each of these types of sub-specialties with the telecommunications installer/technician field is also response for the maintenance and upgrading of systems when necessary.  Since telephone, data, and TV services are likely to be needed and utilized far into the future, there is job security in any of these choices.