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Journeyman Electrician Salary

When choosing the career that you want to go into, it is important to choose a career that offers a nice salary along with job functions that you can enjoy performing. This is why it is important to look at what things interest you and pick a career from that. If you are the type of person that likes to tinker with things and has a good understanding of electronics and how they work, then a job as an electrician may be the perfect career for you.

The main job of a journeyman electrician is to install, maintain and repair electrical systems and equipment. This can range from an outlet in a home that is not working to a full city’s grid of lights. As an electrician you will have several duties. You will assembly and install electrical equipment, wires or fixtures by hand or with the use of power tools. You will also be in charge of testing how they are working. Electricians connect wires to circuit breakers and transformers. They plan the layout and installation of electrical systems in accordance with local electrical codes. They use test equipment to diagnose problems with malfunctioning systems and equipment. Once the malfunctioning current has been found, it is their job to maintain and repair the electrical component to working order. An electrician may also train workers to install and repair electrical systems.

Journeyman Electrician Salary:

One of the great things about becoming a journeyman electrician is the great salary that they earn. The current national average electrician salary is about $52,000 a year. This is just the average of all wages within the United States. There are many places that do pay considerably higher than this. Some of the highest paying places for electricians to work are in certain states that have a higher need for electricians or have a higher standard of living. These states with the highest electrician salary are New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois, New York and Alaska. The average electrician wage in these states is more than $15,000 above the national average. In New Jersey, the average electrician income is $67,000 per year. Hawaii offers an average electrician salary of $68,000 a year. Electricians that work in the states of Illinois, New York and Alaska all make average electrician salaries of around $70,000 a year.

Electrician Education:

The educational requirements needed to become an electrician are very important. Every electrician will need to complete a four year apprenticeship program. This can be in conjunction with a college degree or as straight on the job training. The apprenticeship program with involve at least 144 hours of technical training in a book environment in addition to more than 2000 hours of paid on the job skills training. Courses of study include electrical theory, how currents work, how to test electrical currents, first aid, code and safety regulations, blue print reading and more. In order to start working as an electrician, you will need to become licensed. Licensing requirements will vary by whatever state you work in so make sure to check with your state so that you meet all of the requirements.

Electrician Work Environment:

The workplace environment for an electrician can vary a lot. They may work indoors or outdoors in the elements. They may work in large areas or in small or tight spaces. They often work in business, factories, construction sites or electrical companies. The majority of the job will be performed on their feet and may require lots of bending and stretching. Lifting equipment and kneeling is also a major requirement of the job. Electricians are subject to a high risk of injuries. Since they are working with electrical currents, they are highly susceptible to shocks or burns. They may also be at risk for falls and cuts due to the nature of the job. This is why it is vital that all rules and regulations are followed at all times and proper protective gear is worn on the job site. The typical electrician will work a full time schedule although hours will vary as some electricians may work overnight hours or be on call twenty four hours a day. There are even a few electricians that are self employed and make their own hours.

Becoming an electrician can be one of the best decisions that you could make. Not only does it offer a great electrician salary, but there are also other benefits. These benefits include one of the top job outlooks for the future. Since electricity is so important to our way of life, there will always be a great need for trained electricians. Currently, there are more than 570,000 electricians. Within the next couple of years there is an expected 133,000 jobs to be created. This is a staggering twenty three percent increase expected by 2020. Which means choosing to become an electrician would be a great career move.