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How To Find An Electrician Job

An electrical job can be a rewarding and challenging career but getting your foot in the door can be the hardest step. I received a message from one of our users this morning and I thought I would share my thoughts on how to approach getting an electrical apprenticeship.

It’s great if you have previous experience, that’s a big advantage when it comes to looking for an apprenticeship. The more electrical related training you have prior to applying for electrical employment the better.

Here are a couple ways to start your search for an electrical apprenticeship:

  • Old fashion footwork. This is by far the best way to look for an apprenticeship. This is personally the way I found my apprenticeship. I looked in the phone book, (Electrical companies generally are not up-to-date with technology, I found it was better to search in a phone book than online) printed some resume’s and went in early in the morning with my work boots and tools ready to start working immediately. Cold approaches are very hard to pull off. So I would recommend you are presentable and demonstrate that you are eager to work. In my case, I even offered to work for a couple weeks for free, just to see if I was suitable for the job.


  • Networking. This can be the easiest way to get an apprenticeship. Ask your friends and family if they know any electricians or had work done by any electrician. A good recommendation can go a long way. Networking is extremely important.


  • Online Job Search. This method is probably the hardest way to find an apprenticeship. Not because of the lack of employers but because there is so much competition. If your just starting and are not yet signed up as an electrical apprentice, this method can be near impossible. If you want to give this method a try, have a look at indeed and the job bank.


  • Calling. This method can be difficult but probably gives you better odds than applying online. Simply open your phone book and start calling.


  • The Union Approach. The electrical union (IBEW) sometimes have tests for aspiring apprentices. They require you to write a general aptitude test which are made up of mechanical question, science questions and physic questions. All at the grade 12 level. They then score the tests and pick the cream of the crop. Just so you are aware, the turn out to these tests can be quite big and sometimes they are looking for only a handful of apprentices.

These are basic ways to find an electrical apprenticeship. Remember, the biggest step is to get signed up as an electrical apprentice. Once you get signed up, searching for more employment in the electrical field will become much easier.