Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become An Oregon Electrical Contractor

Oregon issues several different electrician licenses. It isn’t necessary to be a licensed electrician in order to get a contractor’s license as long as you have a licensed employee.

Electrical contractors need to register with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board. You will be required to take an examination that deals with business and law but not an examination that is based on the electrical trade if you are not going to be the licensed electrician.

The contractor examination is administered by Prometric and costs $85. Before taking the exam, you must complete a 16 hour training course so you will be prepared to answer questions on contract law, employee rights, building codes, OSHA requirements, record keeping, taxes, and environmental law.

Material for the test is taken from the Oregon Contractor’s Reference Manual and you are allowed to bring the book to the test center for reference.The electrical Oregon contractor license is good for three years before it needs to undergo renewal and there are no continuing education requirements.

These are the licensees issued for electricians in Oregon: general supervising electrician, limited supervising electrician, limited journeyman manufacturing plant, limited journeyman sign electrician, limited energy technician class A, limited energy technician class B, limited residential electrician, limited journeyman stage electrician, limited renewable energy technician, limited building maintenance electrician, limited maintenance manufactured structures, general journeyman, electrical contractor.

The supervisory level electrician requires current licensure as a journeyman with 8000 hours of licensed journeyman work experience, or meeting the requirements to be licensed as a journeyman with 8000 hours on the job experience as a journeyman. To obtain this Oregon electrician license, you must take a test administered by the Oregon Licensing Board and get a grade of at least 75%. The license costs $100 initially and then $100 every three years. Twenty-four continuing education credits are needed to renew; twelve of those credits must be on code changes. Oregon has reciprocity for this license with Utah and Arkansas.

To obtain an electrical Oregon contractor license, you must be a licensed journeyman or employ one. Obtaining a journeyman license requires completing an approved apprenticeship program that provides 576 hours of classroom education and 8000 hours of job experience. A minimum of 1000 hours is needed for each category of commercial, industrial, and residential wiring. In addition, you can obtain an Oregon journeyman electrician license if you can prove you have 16,000 hours of work experience in another state and at least 2000 hours in each category of industrial, commercial, and residential work.

The Oregon journeyman license requires an examination as well. It has 52 questions and takes about three hours to complete. It is administered by the Oregon Licensing Board and costs $10. A score of at least 75% is needed to pass. The journeyman license costs $100 to renew every three years and requires 24 continuing education requirements. This license has reciprocity with Arkansas, Maine, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah.

The electrical Oregon contractor license application and renewal forms can be downloaded from the Oregon Building Codes Division website.