Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become An Oklahoma Electrical Contractor

Oklahoma offers a limited, unlimited, and residential electrical contractor license as well as an unlimited, residential, and refinery journeyman license.

Each has its own requirements and associated fees but the process of licensure remains the same and the same application packet is used for all types of licenses.

When applying for an Oklahoma electrician license, you must provide documented proof of your previous work and educational experience.

This needs to be in the form of official school transcripts and notarized employee experience forms. The application must be thorough and give an accurate and detailed account of the amount of experience you have working in the electrical field so you can qualify for a license in Oklahoma.

Unlimited License

The unlimited Oklahoma contractor license requires 12,000 hours of job experience that includes 4000 hours as a licensed journeyman. In addition, 4000 hours must be in a commercial industrial setting and up to a maximum of 6000 hours can be allotted for educational training.

The limited Oklahoma contractor license requires a degree in electrical engineering and 8000 hours of field experience, or a total of 16,000 hours of work experience that includes electrical work, industrial work, and project management.

The residential electrical contractor is limited to wiring only residential one or two family buildings. A total of 8000 hours of experience is needed. Four thousand of those hours must be as a licensed journeyman and 4000 must be as an apprentice, or 3000 hours can be allotted as an apprentice when 1000 hours are satisfied by an electrical education in a formal school. In addition, you must have passed the unlimited journeyman or residential journeyman examination.

The unlimited electrical journeyman license calls for a total of 8000 hours of job experience; 4000 of those hours must be in commercial or industrial work. Up to 4000 hours can be satisfied by an electrical trade school. The Oklahoma residential electrical journeyman license requirements include 4000 hours of experience as an apprentice; 2000 of those hours can be satisfied by attending an electrical school. One full year of experience is the equivalent of 2000 hours worth of experience. This license limits you to working on one or two family dwellings only. The refinery electrical journeyman license restricts you to wiring on refinery facilities only and can be issued if you currently have an electrician’s license in good standing.

The Oklahoma electrical contractor license examination is administered by PSI. This is an independent testing company with various locations throughout Oklahoma. The test is given by computer so you can find out your score as soon as you finish. There are two parts to the test for contractors. One part is on business and law. This contains 50 questions and takes about two hours to complete. The trade portion of the test is taken by both contractors and journeymen. There are 100 questions and the test takes about four hours.

It is based on the 2008 National Electrical Code and a passing grade is 75% or greater. Oklahoma electrician licenses need to be renewed annually and continuing education credits are needed.

The electrical contractor license is $300 and the journeyman license is $50. Oklahoma offers reciprocity with a few other states as long as you have held the license there for at least on year and it is in good standing.

These states include Arkansas, Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Utah, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Application and renewal forms for the Oklahoma electrical contractor license can be downloaded from the Oklahoma Construction Industries Board website.