Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become An Iowa Electrical Contractor

Iowa contractor license is required in order to work in the state of Iowa as an electrician.

There are several types of electrician licenses you can obtain and each has its own qualifications.

In addition to an Iowa electrical contractor license you can be awarded a master electrician, journeyman electrician, or special electrician license from the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Special electrician classifications can be obtained for wiring irrigation systems, installing signs, wiring refrigeration and air conditioning systems, and residential wiring.

In order to obtain an electrical Iowa contractor license, you must first meet the requirements for a master electrician and be experienced in planning, laying out, and installing wiring for power, heat, and light. In addition, supervisory experience is needed. It is also necessary to pass a standardized examination given by Prometric, an independent testing agency. A grade of at least 75% is needed in order to pass.

The examination is open book and you are allowed to bring in a copy of the 2008 National Electrical Codes. The test is taken on a computer and as soon as you complete the test, you will immediately be shown on the screen if you have passed or failed. If you don’t pass the electrical Iowa contractor license test on the first try, you can retake the test after two days. You are only allowed two attempts per application so if you fail twice, you must notify the board for permission to reapply and start the process over again.

The electrical Iowa contractor test has 100 questions and takes about four hours to complete. The test is administered at several locations throughout the state of Iowa and costs $60. The electrical contractor license itself costs $375 and is good for three years; renewal is $125. In order to renew the license, 18 hours of continuing education credits are required. Six of those hours must be on National Electrical Codes and the remainder can be on any aspect of electrical theory and application that is approved by the board.

There is no official reciprocity policy in place for the Iowa electrical contractor license but the Electrical Examining Board may approve previous Iowa examinations taken for master electrician or journeyman licenses to transfer to level A Iowa licensure.

Additional steps are needed in order to obtain an electrical Iowa contractor license. Along with your official application, you must submit a certificate of liability insurance as proof of a minimum of one million dollars in coverage. You also are required to register with the Iowa Workforce Development office as a contractor. References are needed along with verifiable proof of electrical work experience.

The required forms to submit for an Iowa electrical contractor license can be downloaded from the Electrical Examining Board website. They must be notarized and submitted along with the required fee. Once your application is accepted, you can apply for testing. When the examination is successfully passed, the state will issue an official license.