Electrician Career Types

How To Become an Installer Technician

An installer technician works along side the inside wireman and is responsible for installing low voltage wiring in the building. This includes data lines and phone lines. With new construction, installers usually put low voltage wires in before the light fixtures or heating. Other times an installer technician may have to rewire existing buildings when the owner wants to upgrade a phone system or install new computer workstations. This electrical career requires that you keep current with new trends and standards in the telecommunications industry as well as general construction.

Telecommunications Installer Technicians install circuits and equipment for telephones, computer networks, video distribution systems, security and access control systems, and other low voltage systems.

IBEW, NJATC and NECA created programs like this to create jobs as well as train qualified craft workers.

This is a three year program consisting of a minimum of 4,800 hours of OJT and 480 hours of classroom work. The American Council on Education(ACE)recommends 40 credits for this program.

Typical duties of VDV Installer Tech include:

  • Planning and Initiating Projects
  • Installing Underground Voice or Data Circuit Feeders to Entrance Facilities
  • Providing or Connecting to the Grounding Electrode System
  • Installing Pathways and Spaces for Installation of Low Voltage Wiring
  • Installing and Terminating Wires and Cables
  • Installing Local Area Network (LAN) Cabling Systems
  • Installing Security and Access Control Systems
  • Installing Communications and Sound Distribution Systems
  • Testing and Repairing Video, Voice, and Data Systems

Most installations are in buildings that are partially or fully enclosed to protect from sun, wind and rain.

These installations are often installed before air conditioning, heat or permanent light fixtures have been installed in the buildings.

Many jobs, however, are in existing buildings or offices. Some work may be outside under varying weather conditions.