Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become An Arkansas Electrician Contractor

Arkansas contractor license is required to do electrical work in the state of Arkansas.

The state issues several different license levels:

  • Air-conditioning electrician
  • Residential journeyman
  • Residential master electrician
  • Industrial maintenance electrician
  • Journeyman electrician
  • Master electrician

Each license has its own qualifying test and specific requirements. Generally, residential work requires a minimum of a residential journeyman license while municipal work requires a master level license to pull permits.

An electrical contractor seeking a master electrician license must first obtain a journeyman electrician license and gain a minimum of two years experience working at that job level. In order to become a journeyman, a total of 8000 hours, or four years, of work experience is needed first.

Experience and instruction must be from a board approved program and on-the-job training must be completed under a qualified licensed professional. In total, to qualify for master electrician status, six years of experience in the field is required that provides experience in commercial and residential settings.

The electrical contractor test in Arkansas for Master Electrician level is an open book test that takes about three hours to complete. Topics covered include general electrical knowledge, calculations, bonding, grounding, branch circuits, overcurrents, feeders, conductors, equipment, low voltage circuits, alarms, and safety. Licensing tests for residential electrical contractors and air conditioning electricians are taken from the National Electrical Code reference book.

The Arkansas electrician exam can be taken with paper and pencil or computer. The computerized exam has a fee of $86 for master and journeyman. The paper exam costs $56. The examinations are administered by Prometric, a testing organization that has several test centers throughout the state of Arkansas.

Upon successful completion of Arkansas contractor license test, the appropriate license is issued from the Arkansas Department of Labor. Along with test results, an official application and proof of education and work experience must be submitted with the proper fee. A master electrician license in Arkansas carries a $50 fee and is good for a period of one year upon which renewal at $50 is required. A journeyman or industrial license costs $25 and must be renewed yearly.

Working as an electrician without proper licensing is a serious offense that could result in civil penalties as well as fines of $1000 per day. Renewals must be made in a timely manner or they are assessed a late fee. Licenses that are allowed to lapse for a period of one year without renewing are made void and require re-examinations in order to be reinstated.

The state of Arkansas does not allow electricians to work in the state under licenses from other states. However, reciprocity may be granted for examinations and licensing requirements as long as the license fees are paid and an Arkansas license is obtained.

Applications for the Arkansas contractor license can be downloaded from the Arkansas Board Of Electrical Examiners website. You’ll be able to track the status of your license on the Department of Labor site as well.