Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become An Alaska Electrician Contractor

An Alaska contractor license can be awarded in one of several areas: residential wiring, commercial wiring, inside communications, outside communications, line work, and control wiring.

A license is required in order to work as an electrical contractor in the state of Alaska.

To be eligible for the license, it is necessary to pass an examination.

The test is administered through Prometric, an independent testing company. There are locations throughout the state where you can take the test. After you apply for the test you will have a specified amount of time to complete the test at your assigned location. The test fee is $125.

The test is open book and multiple choice. It is estimated to take about two to four hours. Subjects covered are related to the area of specialization you will be working in. for example, if you are testing for a Residential Wiring or Commercial Wiring license, the questions will cover general electrical knowledge, grounding, service, circuits and feeders, raceways, conductors, cables, equipment, Alaska regulations, and safety.

Testing for Inside Communications and Outside Communications covers the topics of low voltage systems, general electrical knowledge, grounding, bonding, CATV, conductors, cables, Alaska regulations, safety, electrical installation, boxes, and raceways. The test for Control Wiring has questions related to general electrical knowledge, control equipment, control wiring, class 1, 2, and 3 circuits, HVAC, manual controls, raceways, enclosures, transformers, test equipment, safety, and Alaska statutes.

The test for Line work covers the topics of general electrical knowledge, grounding, transformers, poles, circuits, cables, conductors, overhead lines, electrical supply stations, underground lines, communication systems, Alaska regulations, and electrical safety.

After passing the Alaska contractor license exam, you must apply for licensure through the Department of Community and Economic Development in Juneau. To receive your license you must submit the official application along with certified transcripts from an approved school, detailed resume, verification of work experience documented by three licensed electrical administrators, and proof of successfully passing the Alaska contractor license exam.

There is a $50 fee to apply for a contractor’s license and the fee for the license is $200. An Alaska contractor license is good for a period of two years, then it must be renewed. In order to qualify for renewal you must complete eight hours of continuing education and submit proof with your renewal application.

Alaska has reciprocity for testing with these states: Arkansas, Colorado, Nebraska, Idaho, Minnesota, Washington, Montana, Utah, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming, but licensing fees still apply in order to obtain an Alaska contractor license.

Applications for licensing and renewals can be downloaded from the Alaska Regulation of Electrical Administrators website. In addition, the site lists the current approved courses for licensing and continuing education credits. Information on exam locations, times, and application procedure can be obtained directly from the Prometric website.