Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become An Alabama Electrical Contractor

An Alabama contractor license is required in order to do electrical work in Alabama. The Alabama Electrical Contractors Board is responsible for issuing the licenses.

They award the electrical contractor license as well as a journeyman’s license.

When you receive a contractor’s license, you automatically receive a journeyman’s license as well, although you must pay for both licenses.

To be eligible for licensure, you must have four years of experience in planning, designing, laying out, and installing electrical components.

You’ll also need experience supervising electrical construction which is a special requirement for the contractor license. In lieu of work experience, you can substitute up to two years worth of training at a board approved school. You can substitute one year of classroom education for one half year of work experience.

Official transcripts of the approved school must accompany your application along with official forms from your employer that must be filled out by the Human Resources department. In addition to the documents that prove your education and work experience, you’ll need to provide a current passport-size photo with your application. The application needs to be notarized before you mail it to the board.

Once the training and experience requirements have been met, you must pass an examination in order to receive an Alabama contractor license. The test is administered by Prov, an independent testing company, at various locations throughout the state. The tests are given quarterly and you must submit an application and take the test within the allotted time or you will be required to pay an additional fee to move the test to the next quarter.

The test itself consists of 110 questions and is estimated to take five hours to complete. The test includes questions on general electrical knowledge, electrical service including feeders and branches, bonding and grounding, cables and conductors, boxes and raceways, special equipment, electrical power, low voltage, motors, lighting, fire alarm systems, illuminated signs, safety practices, overcurrent protection, risk management, business organization, project management, estimating, labor, payroll and taxes, contracts, financial management, liens, and licensing.

The Alabama contractor license costs $165 for the basic electrician license plus $200 for the contractor’s license for a total cost of $365. If you have taken the contractor license and passed it with a score of at least 70 percent in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, or South Carolina, you can bypass the exam but still must pay $365 to obtain an Alabama contractor license.

The Alabama electrical license is valid for a period of one year, then must be renewed at the same cost. It is important to stay current with licensure so there are no interruptions in your ability to stay employed. The renewals can be done with ease online. In addition, any forms needed to apply for the exam can be downloaded from the Alabama Electrical Contractors Board website.