Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Washington Electrical Contractor

You can obtain an electrical Washington contractor license if you are a licensed electrician or if you employ one. If you designate another person to be the master electrician of record, you do not have to take an examination.

In addition to an application and assignment of master electrician form, you must also obtain a surety bond and provide proof of adequate insurance coverage.

The Washington electrical contractor license costs $245 and must be renewed at the same cost every three years. The electrical contractor license does not require continuing education credits and offers no reciprocity.

You can also obtain an electrical administrator license in Washington. To qualify for this license you must pass the examination based upon the 2008 National Electrical Codes. This test is given by PSI at locations around the state. The administrator license must be renewed every three years and requires 24 hours of continuing education credits. Eight of those hours must be on the National Electrical Codes and four hours must be on the Revised Code of Washington. There is no reciprocity for the Washington electrical administrator license.

The Washington master electrician license requires at least four years experience as a licensed journeyman. The state also issues master level electrician licenses for specialties and these require at least two years of work experience in the specialty. A test is also required for licensure. The Washington master electrician license costs $140 every three years and needs 24 hours of continuing education credits for renewal.

The specialty areas Washington contractor license holders can test for include residential maintenance, gate systems, non-residential maintenance, HVAC, refrigeration, limited energy systems, irrigation systems, signs, residential wiring, and general journeyman.

The Washington electrician license at the journeyman level needs a minimum of 8000 work hours under the supervision of a licensed electrician. At least 4000 hours must be in industrial and commercial installation. There is no official reciprocity for the electrician license but you can submit training and work experience obtained out-of-state to the board for individual consideration. This license requires passing an examination administered by PSI that tests general electrical wiring knowledge. The license is good for three years and needs 24 continuing education credits to renew at a cost of $67.

The forms needed to apply for an electrical Washington contractor license can be downloaded from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries website. This site has applications, renewal forms, affidavits for experience, exam applications, and other forms that may be needed to carry out business in the state.