Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A North Dakota Electrical Contractor

The electrical North Dakota contractor license at the master electrician level is divided into three categories:

  • Master of record.
  • Noncontracting master.
  • Contracting master.

The state also offers a journeyman and class B electrician license. Each of these classifications has its own set of requirements with regards to testing and experience required.

A contracting master electrician is the person responsible for making sure work adheres to state standards for wiring and electrical work.

Proof of liability insurance is also required. A master of record is responsible for a partnership, corporation, or company and must also have proof of liability insurance. A master of record cannot work on property other than that leased or owned by the company.

A non contracting master has responsibilities similar to a journeyman and must work under supervision of a master of record or contracting master electrician.

The master level electrical North Dakota contractor license requires a minimum of one year’s work experience as a licensed journeyman under supervision of a master of record or contracting master electrician.

To be licensed as a journeyman, you must have at least 8000 hours of work experience that spans at least three years, and have successfully completed an approved apprentice electrician program.

Three thousand hours may count toward the apprenticeship program or you may apply 2000 hours towards a two year electrical school. Besides education credits, you must still have a minimum of 4000 hours practical hands-on experience in installing electrical wiring and equipment.

The North Dakota class B electrician license requires a minimum of 3000 hours work experience with residential wiring or on a farmstead, while under supervision of a licensed professional. Hours spent in commercial wiring do not count toward a class B license.

The cost of the electrical North Dakota contractor license examinations is $40 each. The class B license is $40 and the master license is $50. The journeyman license is $25. The licenses are good for one year and must be renewed. Six continuing education credits are needed for renewal and three of those hours must be related to electrical code. The North Dakota electrician license examinations are given by the state electrical board. A grade of at least 70% is needed to pass. The test is based upon the 2008 National Electrical Codes and North Dakota regulations.

The state offers reciprocity with a few other states. This means you won’t have to take the North Dakota electrical contractor examination, but you must still pay the required fees for licensure. The master level license has reciprocity with South Dakota and Minnesota. The journeyman license has reciprocity with Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Alaska, Colorado, and New Hampshire.

All the forms needed to apply for a North Dakota electrical contractor license can be downloaded from the North Dakota State Electrical Board website. You can use the site also to renew your license online.