Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A New York Electrical Contractor

The state of New York does not have a uniform statewide electrical code or method of licensing electrical contractors or journeymen.

This responsibility lies with each individual jurisdiction and depending upon local regulations, reciprocity may be granted from place to place.

For example, an electrician licensed in New York City is eligible to work in all five boroughs. The New York electrical contractor license is not eligible for reciprocity with other states. Like all other states, the local jurisdictions in New York require a specific amount of experience and education to be eligible for licensure.

At the journeyman level this is usually at least four years and the completion of an approved apprenticeship or trade school. An electrical New York contractor license may require further education such as a bachelors degree and further experience especially in the supervisory area.

When applying for an electrical New York contractor license, you must typically provide verifiable proof of all training and experience. This could be in the form of notarized statements, official transcripts, and tax documents. You may even need proof of financial stability, documents of incorporation, and proof of sufficient insurance coverage.

Since each jurisdiction is responsible for selecting their own electrical codes and issuing licenses, it is necessary to contact your local electrical examiners board to find out exactly what is needed in your location. You will probably have to pass an examination as well. These may be proctored by a testing company that administers tests in locations throughout the state or you may have to take an exam administered by a government agency in your area.

There are fees associated with an electrical New York contractor license. There is usually a fee to apply along with a fee for the examination. Then you must pay a fee for the license itself which must be renewed periodically. You may find it necessary to take continuing education classes in order to be eligible for license renewal.

For example, the city of New York requires the successful completion of a licensing examination along with supporting documentation of experience and education when applying for a New York electrical contractor license. The fee for the license is $310 and the fee for the official seal is $50.

All of the application forms and documents needed to seek a license for this jurisdiction can be downloaded from the NYC Citywide Administrative Services website.

If you plan to work in a different location in the state of New York, you may be able to find the documents you need on your city or county’s official website. If not, contact your local electrical examiner’s board for information related to local licensing and testing requirements.