Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A New Mexico Electrical Contractor

When you apply for an electrical New Mexico contractor license, you must demonstrate your financial responsibility and attest that you have not engaged in illegal activity.

You must show you are familiar with the regulations, rules, and codes of the state. Testing is needed to obtain a New Mexico electrical contractor license also.

Several types of certificates can be obtained: residential, electrical systems including transmission lines, signs, cathodic protection, communication, alarm systems, general electrical, and telephone communications.

The electrical New Mexico contractor license test is administered by PSI and is based upon the 2008 National Electrical Code and New Mexico Electrical Code. Two tests are required. The first one covers aspects of the electrical trade from theory to practical skills while the second one covers topics related to law and business. A grade of at least 75% is needed to pass the exam and be eligible for licensure.

There is also a $30 application fee. The New Mexico electrical contractor license costs $300 and must be renewed every three years. Continuing education is not required and there is no reciprocity with other states for the contractor license.

New Mexico also issues an electrician journeyman license. This license requires four years or 8000 hours of electrical experience that also includes working with transmission lines. There must also be two years of experience in residential wiring, electrical signs, cathodic protection, communications, telephone systems, or electrical alarms.

The New Mexico journeyman examination is proctored by PSI and can be taken at various locations throughout the state. The test relies on the 2008 National Electrical Code and the New Mexico Electrical Code for material. Local jurisdictions are also given the authority to make testing and licensing more stringent for journeymen if they see fit. In order to pass the state test, a grade of 75% or better is needed.

The application fee for the journeyman license is $30 and the cost of the license is $75. The license must be renewed every three years and 16 continuing education hours are required. Of those, eight hours must be on code changes and eight hours on other industry related topics.

New Mexico offers reciprocity for the journeyman license with Arkansas, Alaska, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Utah.

The Construction Industries Division issues the New Mexico electrical contractor license and journeyman license. Forms needed to apply for and maintain your license as well as forms needed for the performance of your profession can be downloaded from their website.