Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Nevada Electrical Contractor

There is no statewide adoption of an electrical code in Nevada. Contractors of all trades follow the same process for licensure and use the same forms.

To obtain an electrical Nevada contractor license, you need to have a minimum of four years of experience as a journeyman including experience as a supervisor or foreman.

Four certificates of reference are also mandatory. These must be completed by the university where you received approved training or by previous employers who can attest to your level of experience.

In addition to providing proof of work and educational experience when applying for an electrical Nevada contractor license, you also must supply proof of industrial insurance coverage, a surety bond, and a financial statement. In addition you must submit to fingerprinting and agree to a background check.

An official examination is also required for the Nevada electrical contractor license. This exam has two parts. One portion tests your knowledge of the electrical trade while the other has questions about business law in Nevada. The electrical portion of the exam has 80 questions and four hours allotted for completion. The business examination has 60 questions and takes two hours. A passing grade requires a score of at least 70%. The cost of the exam is $140 for both parts or $95 for an individual test.

The Nevada electrical contractor license examination covers topics such as the 2005 National Electrical Code, Nevada Health Department regulations, Nevada Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, electrical theory, wiring, equipment, and skills. The test is administered by PSI at various locations around the state.

The test is taken on a computer and as soon as you complete the test, or when the time limit expires, the screen immediately displays whether you passed or failed. If you fail the test you can retake it in two weeks. If you fail the test three times, you must reapply with the Nevada State Contractors’ Board to get permission to take it again.

The application fee for the Nevada electrical contractor license is $300. The licensing fee itself is $600 and is good for two years. The renewal fee is $600 and doesn’t require continuing education credits. Nevada does not have reciprocity with other states for the electrical contractor license.

You can download application forms from the Nevada State Contractors’ Board website. This site also has all the other forms you may need such as the ones for background checks, bank references, name change, resume, reference certificates, limit raises, and criminal disclosure.