Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Nebraska Electrical Contractor

In order to obtain an electrical Nebraska contractor license, you must meet one of three criteria.

You need to have five years work experience as an electrician that is approved by the board or you need one year work experience as a licensed journeyman.

The third option is to graduate from a four year electrical course at an approved university. In addition to the educational and experience requirements, you also need proof of sufficient liability, accident, and property damage insurance coverage.

You must also pass the Nebraska electrical contractor license examination. This test is administered by the Nebraska Licensing Board. The test itself is based upon the National Electrical Code, Nebraska State Electrical Act, basic electricity, circuits, blueprint reading and theory. It has 50 questions and takes three hours. A grade of 76% is needed to pass. The exam fee for a Nebraska electrical contractor license is $125. The license fee is $65 on even years and $130 on odd years. The renewal fee is $250 and requires 12 hours of continuing education credits.

The electrical Nebraska contractor license has reciprocity with South Dakota and Minnesota. Four local regions, Fremont, Hastings, Lincoln, and Omaha also issue electrician licenses and have licensing reciprocity with each other and the state but those licenses are not eligible for reciprocity with other states.

To be eligible for a Nebraska contractor license, you may first have to work as a licensed journeyman. To be eligible for a Nebraska journeyman electrician license, you need to have four years work experience as an electrician. One year of work experience can be exchanged for two years of training from an approved school or the military. This license also requires taking and passing a test given by the Nebraska Licensing Board.

Local municipalities can also issue licenses for journeyman electricians and these qualify holders for the Nebraska state journeyman license but do not qualify for reciprocity with other states. Currently the state issued journeyman license has reciprocity with Arkansas, Alaska, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah, and Wyoming.

The Nebraska electrician license exam for journeyman level costs $60. The license costs $13 on even years and $25 on odd years. Renewal is $50 and requires twelve continuing education credits. Six hours of continuing education must be on National Electrical Codes.

Montana also offers a residential journeyman wireman license that only requires three years worth of related experience. One year of experience can be exchanged for two years worth of training at an approved school. This license allows holders to work with residential installations only. This license also requires a test with a passing grade of at least 76%. The test fee is $60. The license fee is $13 on even years, $25 on odd years, and $50 upon renewal. Twelve continuing education credits are needed to renew. This Nebraska electrician license has no reciprocity with other states.

Applications for all levels of licensure can be downloaded from the Nebraska Electrical Division website. The site also has applications for the examinations, renewals, and licensure by reciprocity.