Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Montana Electrical Contractor

To obtain an electrical Montana contractor license you have to hold a Montana master electrician license or employ someone who does.

The contractor license doesn’t require a test. You just pay the license fee of $250 and renew it every two years.

Along with the license fee you must also provide proof of sufficient insurance coverage and workmen’s compensation compliance. There is no reciprocity for the Montana electrical contractor license.

If you need to obtain the Montana master electrician license in order to qualify for the electrical contractor license, you must meet educational and work experience requirements first.

Experience of 8000 hours working as a journeyman installing and repairing electrical wiring and equipment for power, heat and light is needed. Supervisory experience is also required. An engineering degree or training from an electrical trade school can account for a portion of work experience hours. An examination based on the 2008 National Electrical Codes is also mandatory.

You must first apply to the Montana State Electrical Board for permission to take the master electrician exam. The test is administered by PSI and consists of 80 questions that cover both theory and practical skills. The test can be taken at several locations around the state and nationwide. Montana does not offer reciprocity for the master electrician license. The license costs $100 and must be renewed every two years. Eight continuing education credits are required per year to maintain a Montana master electrician license.

In order to qualify for a master electrician license, you must first work as a journeyman for the required number of years. To be licensed as a journeyman in Montana you must complete an approved electrician apprenticeship or trade school program. You must also complete 8000 hours of wiring experience in light, power, and heat and complete 20,000 hours of work experience overall.

You must also pass a test to be licensed as a Montana journeyman. This test is also administered by PSI. It has 60 questions and is based on the 2008 National Electrical Codes.

A passing grade of 75% is needed to qualify for licensure. Montana does have a policy in place for reciprocity for the journeyman electrician with the following states: Arkansas, Alaska, Idaho, Colorado, Nebraska, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming. A journeyman license costs $100 every two years and requires eight continuing education credits per year.

Applications for an electrical Montana contractor license, master electrician license, and journeyman license can be downloaded from the Montana State Electrical Board website. You can also use this site to renew your license, change your address, track your continuing education credits, and access other forms you may need in your profession.