Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Missouri Electrical Contractor

Missouri does not have a statewide electrical code and it does not offer a state license procedure for electrical contractors.

That responsibility is left to each individual jurisdiction. Local areas can adopt their own electrical codes and vary in the requirements needed for licensing.

It is important to know the regulations for the area you intend to work. With no statewide code, there is no uniform reciprocity in place with current license holders however; in some cases a locally issued Missouri electrician license is good in other locations within the state.

To obtain an electrical Missouri contractor license, you must contact your local Board of Electrical Examiners and obtain a list of official requirements and deadlines for submitting a licensing application. While there may be some small variations in procedure, typically, regulations for working as an electrician are the same. The largest variation in requirements comes when working at the contracting level when you will be working as a registered business in the county.

You will be required to submit proof of experience before you can obtain a Missouri electrician license. There is usually a minimum of around 12,000 hours needed in actual wiring skills. Completion of an approved apprenticeship is usually required as well that combines both classroom hours and on the job training. In some instances, a portion of work hours may be given to a formal training program taken at a community college in a field related to electrical engineering.

All classroom training must be from an approved course and verified with an official transcript. In the same way, your years of work experience need to be documented through tax forms or affidavits from previous employers. Additionally, the type of experience you have may be important. For example, you may need to show a certain number of hours experience in working with elevators, lines, or communication systems.

It is also necessary to pass a licensing examination based upon the National Electrical Codes. These tests are administered by independent testing companies and test for a wide range of knowledge of the trade from theory to practical skills. A grade of 70-75% is needed to pass.

An electrical Missouri contractor license usually requires additional years of experience and training in the areas of business and contract law. You will also be required to show proof of sufficient liability insurance and may even need to qualify for a bond. You may be able to obtain a specialized electrician’s license for the jobs you will be working on. For example, you may specialize in elevators, HVAC, communications, industrial applications, or a general master electrician.

The forms needed to apply for an electrical Missouri contractor license as well as a list of requirements for a specific location can usually be found online on the county or city website.