Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Minnesota Electrical Contractor

Minnesota contractor license can be given to anyone who holds a master electrician license or hires a master electrician, without the need for experience or testing.

Certain other requirements must be met however. This includes being a properly registered entity with the state, posting a $5000 contractor’s bond, carrying $300,000 in liability insurance, and holding $300,000 in property damage insurance.

A Minnesota contractor license costs $220 and must be renewed every two years. A Minnesota electrical contractor must have a master electrician on hire to supervise all work that is carried out and to pull permits.

The holder of the contractor license can also hold the master electrician license as long as all requirements for both licenses are met.

A master electrician license in Minnesota requires 60 months of experience and training. Experience must be in planning wire installation for power, light, and heat equipment, laying out wiring, supervising the installation of wiring and equipment, maintaining and repairing wiring, line work, elevator installation, residential wiring, wiring technology circuits, and wiring process control circuits. A minimum and maximum amount of training and experience is required in each area.

When the required training and experience has been complete, it is necessary to pass an examination administered by the Department of Labor and Industry.

The test is open book and based on the National Electrical Code. Mathematical calculations may be required as the test covers a wide range of electrical applications and theory.

Topics covered may include units of measurement, resistance in series, voltage drop calculations, conductor ampacity, motor branch circuit calculations and box fill calculations. In addition knowledge will be tested on electrical codes, equipment, wiring and protection, residential wiring, overcurrent, wiring materials, cable installation, special occupancies, communication systems, electrical theory, regulations, and safety.

It takes about 5.5 hours to complete the test and a score of 70 percent is needed to pass. Results of the test are sent by mail in about one week. If you do not pass, you will receive instructions on how to retake the examination.

The application fee is $35 and the cost of the master electrician license is $40. The license must be renewed every two years at a cost of $40. In addition, continuing education credits are required for renewal.

Minnesota offers electrician license reciprocity with Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The forms needed to apply for examinations and licenses can be downloaded from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry website.