Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Michigan Electrical Contractor

In order to qualify for an electrical Michigan contractor license, you must first hold a master electrician license or hire a master electrician.

You’ll also need to pass a licensing examination. The Michigan electrical contractor license examination is administered by the Electrical Administrative Board.

Some local jurisdictions in Michigan also require local licenses. This includes Grand Rapids in Kent County, Detroit in Wayne County, and Highland Park in Wayne County.

If you work in these locations, you should check with local authorities to make sure you are working under a valid license.

The Michigan contractor license examination is given approximately every two months and has thirty questions. It takes about 1.5 hours to complete and a score of 75% is needed to pass. The examination draws its questions from Michigan Electrical Code Rules part 8, the Electrical Administrative Board General Rules, and Public Acts 217, 230, and 497. An electrical contractor license in Michigan costs $300 for three years; the initial cost is prorated according to the year it is issued. There is also a $100 application fee.

If you must also be the holder of the master electrician license in order to obtain the electrician Michigan contractor license, you will need at least 12,000 hours experience spread over at least six years. In addition, you must have held a journeyman’s license for at least two years and pass the licensing exam.

A journeyman electrician license in Michigan requires a minimum of 8000 hours of experience over four years under direct supervision of a licensed electrician. It is necessary to pass an exam to become licensed. Michigan also offers specialty electrician licenses in the areas of Fire Alarm Specialty Technician, Sign specialist, Sign Specialist Contractor, and Fire Alarm Contractor.

Questions on the Michigan electrician licensing tests covers topics such as bonding, grounding, branch circuits, raceways, overcurrent protection, equipment, general electrical knowledge, conductors, lighting, lamps, feeders, state regulations, motors, panelboards, and code amendments. In addition, the master exam tests knowledge of reading plans and drawings, supervising electrical installations, and safety requirements.

All the forms needed to apply for a Michigan electrical contractor license and the examination are available for download from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs website. This site also provides you with examination schedules and locations. In addition to the application, you must also provide notarized statements that attest to your hours of work experience and education along with the required fees.

The state of Michigan may grant reciprocity to license holders from other states if the requirements and examination are deemed equal to those required by the state of Michigan.