Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Maryland Electrical Contractor

The state of Maryland issues a single license for electricians, the master electrician license.

However, individual jurisdictions are allowed to adopt their own electrical codes and set their own requirements for licensing.

When licensing is in effect at the local level, it is always of lesser value than the state master license.

This allows electricians to get licensed locally to do low voltage and other type of work without having to qualify for a master license. If an electrician does obtain a state master license, then a local license may not be needed, or is awarded through reciprocity. All but three counties in Maryland have some sort of requirements in place for local licensing.

Before applying to the board for a Maryland master electrician license, it is necessary to take and pass an examination. The exam is administered by PSI Licensure. The cost of the examination is $65 and they are given at several locations throughout the state.

To qualify for the test you need at least seven years experience working in the field. You can substitute up to three years of professional training classes for work experience. In addition, you are required to show proof of at least $300,000 worth of liability insurance and $100,000 in property damage insurance. If you plan to hire employees, you must also provide Workman’s Comp insurance.

The Maryland master electrician examination takes about four hours to complete and is open book, based upon the National Electrical Codes. The test covers general electrical theory, wiring and protection, equipment for general and special use, wiring methods and materials, applications and calculations, and special conditions.

Once you pass the examination, you can submit the official application for the Maryland master electrician license. The form documents your education and seven years of work experience. The necessary forms can be downloaded from the State of Maryland Board of Master Electrician’s website.

The cost to take the examination is $65 and a master license has a fee of $20. The license must be renewed every two years at a cost of $25. There are no statewide standards in place for continuing education but many counties do require continuing education units in order to renew local licenses.

It is advised that you contact authorities in your county of employment to verify the requirements and conditions of obtaining a local license or working with a state master license so you don’t break the law and incur fines.

Maryland offers reciprocity to master electricians in the states of Delaware and Virginia. It also has in-state reciprocity among various counties and Baltimore City. Standard licensing fees still apply even if the test is waived.