Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Louisiana Electrical Contractor

If you contract electrical work on a single job that amounts to at least $50,000, you must obtain an electrical contractor license from the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors.

The license will be issued based upon your merit as a contractor and will factor in your examination scores, technical qualifications, financial responsibility, and related experience.

There is no statewide electrician license in Louisiana for general electrical work or work as a journeyman, as this is left up to individual jurisdictions. The 2008 National Electrical Code is enforced in hospitals and state buildings, but local authorities are allowed to enforce their own codes and requirements for licensure. However, in order to install burglar or fire alarms, a state contractor license is needed.

The electrical Louisiana contractor License examination is administered in Baton Rouge by the state licensing board. The exam is given on a weekly basis and is based on the 2008 National Electrical Codes. There are 80 questions in all and the test takes about four hours to complete. A score of at least 70% is needed to pass.

There are two parts to the electrical Louisiana contractor License examination. One part tests your knowledge of the trade and has questions that deal with general electricity, electrical safety, wiring, and installation of power equipment. The other part is a business and law exam that tests your knowledge of insurance, contracts, OSHA regulations, and code laws.

The cost of the electrical portion of the test is $120 and the business portion of the test costs $60. The application fee is $35. Initial license cost is $100 per classification and $100 per renewal. Continuing education requirements must be met in order to renew a Louisiana electrical contractor license.

Louisiana offers reciprocity with a few select states: Arkansas, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Utah, and Tennessee. The board may wave the technical examination if you are a license holder in one of the mentioned states, but all Louisiana license candidates must take the business portion of the examination.

In addition to submitting an official application, you may also be required to submit a financial statement that shows assets that exceed $10,000, a work experience form, and proof of liability insurance. These forms must be signed in front of a notary and submitted along with the proper fees.

The forms you need to apply for the Louisiana electrical contractor license can be downloaded from Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors website. You can also renew your license there and track the status of your application.