Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Kentucky Electrical Contractor

An electrical Kentucky contractor license is required in order to contract electrical work with the public and to pull permits.

In order to qualify as an electrical contractor, you must have at least one master electrician working for you.

If you are seeking an electrical Kentucky contractor license as an individual and not a business, then you must be the one to possess a master electrician license.

The master electrician is responsible for all work done under his supervision. Any electrical work done in the state of Kentucky must be supervised by a master electrician. The only exception is if the electrician doing the work is a licensed electrician himself; he can then work unsupervised, but he is not allowed to contract work.

In order to obtain a Kentucky electrical contractor license, you must pass the required test, provide a certificate of at least $500,000 in liability insurance, have proof of workers’ compensation or a notarized waiver, submit the required documents, and pay the necessary fees. In addition, if you must also hold the master license in order to qualify for the contractor license, you will need verifiable proof of eight years experience that is a combination of classroom training and practical experience.

Kentucky utilizes the electrician exam from the International Code Council. The test is administered by Pearson and LaserGrade. There are several convenient testing centers located throughout the state. Before taking the exam, you must first submit the necessary documents along with an application to the Electrical Licensing division of the Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction.

The electrical contractor test consists of two parts. One deals with electrical theory and applications while the other has questions related to business and law. The business portion of the test covers topics such as dispute resolution, OSHA compliance, project management, insurance, bonding, and labor laws. The electrical portion of the exam deals with wiring, installation, and maintenance of power, heating, and lighting equipment as well as electrical theory and safety.

If you fail the Kentucky electrical contractor exam on the first time, you can reattempt the test after ten days. Each time you retake the test you must reapply. A score of 75% is needed to pass the master electrician exam and 70% is needed to pass the contractor exam.

The application fee for a Kentucky electrical contractor license is $200. The exam fee is $60 and the license renewal fee is $200. Six continuing education credits per year are required for renewal. Kentucky has reciprocity with Ohio, Louisiana, West Virginia, and Virginia.

The required application forms can be downloaded from the Kentucky Department of Housing, Buildings, and Construction website. Some of the forms need to be notarized and submitted along with photo identification.