Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Idaho Electrical Contractor

The Idaho electrical contractor license for electricians can be awarded to individuals or to a firm.

A license is required in order to provide electrical work or services to commercial, industrial, or residential property.

To receive an Idaho contractor license as an individual, you must first become a licensed journeyman and work in that capacity for a period of two years.

If you are applying as a company, you need someone in your employ who meets those qualifications. In order to become a licensed journeyman you must have a minimum of four years work experience as an electrician in the form of an approved apprenticeship program that offers both on-the-job training and classroom instruction.

Once you are employed as a licensed journeyman electrician and gain experience, you can qualify for further licensing. With two years worth of experience you can test for the Idaho electrical contractor license and with four years experience you can test for a master electrician license.

If qualifying experience was obtained out of state, and you don’t have the education required by Idaho for licensure, you may be able to substitute work experience for education by submitting twice the required rate. In other words, you may need to have eight years experience to qualify for the Idaho journeyman license. The work experience needs to be across all areas of commercial, industrial, and residential settings. However, work experience cannot exceed 75% in any one category. If out-of-state training does not qualify you for Idaho electrician licensing, you may need to enter an apprenticeship program with advanced placement.

Once you have met the educational and experience qualifications, you can apply to take the licensing examination. There is a fee of $15 to file an application and $60 to take the exam. An Idaho electrical contractor license costs $125 and must be renewed annually. A master license has an annual fee of $65 and the journeyman license is $55.

Idaho also provides electricians the opportunity to become licensed in specialty trades such as limited energy, irrigation systems, refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, elevators, escalators, signs, water pumps, well drilling, and assembling equipment. These specialty licenses require a minimum of two years experience in the specific trade and passage of a licensing examination.

States that have similar training requirements to Idaho are offered reciprocity. These include Colorado, Alaska, Montana, Minnesota, Oregon, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Utah, and Wyoming.

The forms needed to apply for an Idaho electrical contractor license or any of the specialty electrician licenses can be downloaded from the Idaho Division of Building and Safety website. You’ll also find forms for license renewal, address change, examinations, and continuing education.