Electrical Contractor State Requirements

How To Become A Delaware Electrical Contractor

Delaware electrical contractor license is required by the state in order to perform electrical services or electrical work in the state. A license is obtained after completing the required amount of training, passing an examination, and filing the appropriate paperwork.

To apply for the master electrician license you must have six years full time work experience that was carried out under the supervision of a properly licensed master electrician.

You should submit the official verification of employment form to the state but if you are not able to get the supervising electrician to fill it out, you can also submit tax forms as proof of employment, along with a letter explaining why the official form could not be completed.

In place of six years work experience you can also qualify for the license by completing an accredited apprenticeship program, or show four years work experience plus proof of two years worth of academic training.

A limited electrician license can be obtained if you have less than six years but at least three years full time work experience under a licensed electrical contractor. In addition, the state of Delaware allows you to test for special licenses if you do not qualify for master electrician. These licenses are in the areas of elevators, electric signs, HVAC, pools, primary distribution systems, and refrigeration. These licenses require six years work experience under a licensed electrician.

In order to obtain a Delaware contractor license electrician,you must also pass the examination. The exams are given by Prometric on a quarterly basis at several testing centers throughout the state. A minimum of 75 percent is needed to pass the test. The tests differ for each type of license but cover basic electrical knowledge taken from the National Electrical Code on such topics as wiring, general electricity, equipment, protection, and safety.

Once you pass the Delaware contractor license test, you must submit you score along with proof of having at least $300,000 in liability insurance to the licensing board in order to obtain your license. If you don’t pass the test on the first try, you can retake it but if you fail it twice with a score less than 50 percent, you must wait a period of one year before taking the test again.

The Master Electrician Fee is $132 initially. The licenses expire in June on even years so the renewal fee varies. The state will notify you with the cost in plenty of time so you can renew your license online. Continuing education credits are required to renew the license. Delaware offers reciprocity for license holders in many other states. You must submit an official application for a Delaware license along with verification your out of state license is in good standing.

Applications and other forms needed to obtain and renew a Delaware electrical contractor license can be downloaded from the Delaware Board of Electrical Examiners website.