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Electrician Exam Preparation Guide

After several years of study and working as an electrician apprentice, you may think the electrician exam will be a breeze. That may not always be the case though.

You can have mastered all the skills needed to perform your job well but still have problems with the test, especially when it comes to theory or calculations you don’t use very often.

How To Prepare

Using a good electrician exam preparation guide, or taking a review course, can help prepare you for the test so you raise your chances of passing it on the first try.

While you can always take the test over, it is stressful and expensive. Everyone wants to pass on the first try so here are some tips that might help.

First of all, make sure you are eligible for the exam. You’ll need to take a certain number of accredited classes and log the required hours of on-the-job training first. Requirements vary by state so make sure you know and understand the regulations that apply to you.

When your apprenticeship training is complete, don’t rush to take the test right away. Take time to thoroughly review what you have learned to refresh your memory on classes taken in years past.

Take a simulated test. These are readily available and will gauge how well you are likely to do on the real test. These tests will also help you isolate the parts of the test you need to further study.

For example, you may be weak in math and performing calculations. If you are, it will show on a simulated test and you can select study materials for your specific weakness.

Be sure to use the right electrician exam preparation guide for the test you will take. Codes change and you want up to date study guides. Be sure to note what year National Electrical Codes the material you select is based on and verify it is the same year you will be tested on.

For the same reason, you should use caution with old books. While theory of electricity doesn’t change much, other things do and old books become outdated quickly. Even books with periodic updates may not have the latest information like you would get from a recently published study guide.

What’s Your Learning Style?

You want to consider your learning style. Do you want to attend a crash course in person? Would you rather study at home at your own pace using guidebooks and DVDs? Maybe you would prefer an online course.

Choose the best one for you and streamline the materials as much as possible keeping in mind you aren’t out to learn new things but are merely looking for a refresher course.

You should also consider the reputation of the electrician exam preparation course. You could ask your employer, co-workers, or others in the industry for a recommendation on a study course that is relevant to passing the licensing exam.

Some people have problems with tests, even when they know the material. One way to overcome that is to take as many practice tests as you can beforehand. This will prepare you on what to expect and will also build your confidence.

Taking a good electrician exam preparation course beforehand can be a big help and may even give you the boost you need to pass the exam on your first try.