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Electrical Apprenticeships – The Ultimate On-The-Job Training
Do An Electrical Apprenticeships To Become An Electrician
For centuries the only way to really become an expert at a trade was through apprenticeship. People would spend years working under more skilled, experienced workers to get the experience they needed for a particular job. While a lot has changed when it comes to education, some industries still offer apprenticeship programs to teach new people the ropes. Electrical apprenticeships are extremely popular with new electricians, as the electrical industry is one that is best learned via hands-on experience. Today’s electrical apprenticeships, though, have even more to offer new electricians than the old model did.
Blended Training
The best electrical apprenticeships take a blended approach to your electrical education. This means that if you become an apprentice you will still work with a more experienced, licensed electrician, but you’ll also learn via other educational resources too. A popular model for today’s electrical apprenticeships involves hands-on work in the field, combined with classroom and lab work to learn concepts and sharpen skills. This is the ideal learning environment for people new to the electrical industry. You get the best of both worlds – time in the field with a knowledgeable professional and in depth classroom learning to get an education on core concepts related to the industry.
How Long Does Electrical Apprenticeships Take?
Every apprenticeship program is different, and they all have varying lengths of time to complete. A typical model involves 8,000 hours of on-the-job training in addition to classroom work. If your primary job is your apprenticeship position, you could finish the program in about 4 years. Remember, though, that you are earning a wage in addition to getting experience and an education. This is a great set up for people who have been considering a new career, as you get to earn while you learn.
How to Get Started
You may be able to contact a local electrical company to see if they have a standing apprenticeship program. Some towns have a consortium of companies that band together to offer these types of electrical apprenticeships. A good way to start is to check out the websites of local electricians to see if they have any links or contact information available to help you out. You may also want to check with local trade schools or look online for an apprenticeship program near you.
An In-Demand Job
Skilled tradespeople, like electricians are in high demand these days. There has been a decline in the number of people seeking these types of jobs, but the demand for electricians has continued to rise. That means getting started with an electrical apprenticeship now is a very smart idea. You can spend the next few years getting experience under your belt, learning important information and earning a living, as you continue down the path to becoming a skilled, professional electrician. With so many job openings available, you should have no problems finding a great job when you are done with your apprenticeship. Many apprentices continue to work with the company that offered them the apprenticeship to start with, while others seek other opportunities.